Protect your loved ones and get to the care you need.

AdvoAir is a membership organization which provides emergency and non-emergency, fixed wing, medical air transportation to our members across the US.

AdvoAir transports patients between medical facilities (hospital to hospital) for specialty care or services not available at their current facility deemed medically necessary by the patient’s health insurance.

Our affiliated network of fixed-wing medical jet aircraft are fully outfitted with critical care equipment, ensuring the highest level of care during patient transports.

Trained, approved, certified medical staff accompany each patient to maintain high quality medical care during transport. Medical staff will meet the patient at bedside and stay with them all the way to their new bedside at the destination facility.

Insurances we accept

We accept most private insurance plans – please inquire if we accept yours.
We do not accept Medicare, Medicaid, VA or other government sponsored plans.