Member Testimonials

Richard, in Philadelphia, PA, has suffered from liver disease for 5 years and has been on the liver transplant list for 1 year, 3 months. A liver donation suddenly becomes available in Chicago, but the medical facility requires that the organ be transplanted within 24 hours by their team, at their hospital in the windy city. Richard is too sick to take a commercial flight and driving takes more than 24 hours. Anticipating this very situation, he became a member of American Air Assistance 6 months ago. He calls us, we call his insurance company and they deem his flight as medically necessary. American Air Assistance delivers Richard safely to Chicago the next day for the liver transplant.

Emma is an 11 years-old Leukemia patient being treated at her local hospital near Yucca Valley, CA. Doctors are puzzled by their lack of success in treating her and her health is declining. A pediatric oncologist at ST. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN believes she has a treatment protocol which may save Emma’s life. But the treatment can only be administered at St. Jude’s. Emma’s parents, having anticipated this possibility, joined AdvoAir when they first learned of her diagnosis. They call us, we call their insurance company for flight approval, and Emma is receiving a new treatment for Leukemia in Memphis within a week.

Daniel is 45 and suffers a serious heart attack while hunting with friends near Muskegon, Michigan. His friends get him to the small, local hospital where he is stabilized. But the physicians in the rural hospital suspect a more serious problem, which they are unable to treat. Diagnostics confirm this and Daniel requires surgery within 24 hours or he may not survive. The closest hospital to offer this level of cardiac care is in Southfield, Michigan. Daniel’s wife, a forward thinker, believed that it only made sense to have a membership with AdvoAir in case a situation like this ever arose. She calls us, we call Daniel’s insurance company, and within a few hours, he is in the air and delivered safely to the hospital in Southfield where lifesaving heart surgery is performed.

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