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When things are at their worst, protect what matters most

Time is critical when facing a medical crisis and when that life-saving care is far from home, medical air transport may be required. But medical flights are expensive and difficult to coordinate, and dealing with your insurance provider can be stressful and overwhelming. With an American Air Assistance membership, all you have to do is make one call, and we take care of the rest.

The benefits of medical air transport, without the cost

A life-threatening illness, organ transplant or other medical crisis strikes nearly every family. And in many cases, the critical care needed is far from home, requiring a flight which can cost upwards of $200,000. American Air Assistance members never have to worry about the flight or the cost – your membership fees go toward your out-of-pocket expenses.

The medical care you need is always within reach

Medical air transport is especially common if you live or travel in rural areas. Many hospitals far from metropolitan centers are not equipped to provide highly specialized treatment and patients needing this care must be transported to facilities often hundreds of miles away. Membership with American Air Assistance means you have the medical transportation you need when a crisis strikes.

Who Needs American Air Assistance?

Richard suffers from liver disease and time is running out.
Richard in Philadelphia, PA suffers from liver disease and is on the liver transplant list. A matched liver donation suddenly becomes available in Chicago, but the medical facility requires that the organ be transplanted within 24 hours by their team, at their hospital. Richard is too weak to take a commercial flight or drive by car. Richard has a membership with American Air Assistance, so he calls us and we call his insurance company. They deem his flight as medically necessary and we deliver him safely to Chicago the next day for the liver transplant.
Eleven-year-old Emma has Leukemia and doctors are puzzled.
Emma in Yucca Valley, CA is an eleven-year-old Leukemia patient being treated at her local hospital. Doctors are puzzled by her lack of progress and her health is declining. A pediatric oncologist at ST.Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN has a treatment protocol which may save Emma’s life. But the treatment can only be administered at St. Jude’s. Emma’s parents joined American Air Assistance when they first learned of her diagnosis. They call us, we call their insurance company for flight approval, and Emma is receiving a new treatment in Memphis within a week.
Daniel has just suffered a heart attack in the middle of nowhere.
Daniel in Muskegon, MI is 45 and suffers a serious heart attack while hunting near Muskegon. His friends drive him to the closest hospital where he is stabilized. Physicians at the rural hospital suspect a more serious problem and diagnostics confirm that Daniel needs complicated surgery within 24 hours or he may not live. The closest hospital to offer this level of cardiac care is in Southfield, Michigan. Daniel and his wife are members with American Air Assistance. She calls us, we call Daniel’s insurance company, and within 12 hours we deliver him safely to the hospital in Southfield where lifesaving heart surgery is performed.

$149 for Individuals
$249 for Families

A medical air transport flight can cost between $50,000 and $200,000 plus.

The cost of transportation between hospitals depends on the flight distance and required medical personnel and equipment. Those without an American Air Assistance membership may be responsible for coinsurance or other type of deductible, which could amount to thousands of dollars out-of-pocket.

Imagine the stress of arranging transportation for yourself or a loved one, then finding out you have to pay that bill.

We speak with your insurance company, secure pre-approvals for flights deemed medically necessary, and take care of scheduling, coordination, medical personnel and safe transfer of the patient between medical facilities. Your membership fee covers any deductibles or coinsurance.

Our services:

  • Insurance company pre-approval
  • Onsite bedside pick up
  • Hospital-to-aircraft onboarding
  • Fixed wing flight with appropriate onboard care
  • Aircraft-to-hospital off-boarding
  • Destination bedside drop-off

Entire 50 State Coverage

A Critical Care Unit in the Sky

Our affiliated fleet of specialized, fixed wing medical jet aircraft are outfitted just like Intensive Care or Critical Care units at a hospital. Appropriate, trained medical staff accompany the patient between facilities to ensure their safety.

Types of patients who can benefit from our transport:

Spinal cord injuries

Organ transplants

Cancer care patients

Cardiovascular patients

Neuro patients

Pediatric patients

Ventilator dependent patients

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An American Air Assistance membership offers comfort in knowing that you only have to make one phone call. We take care of the rest.

Every 5000th Member supports a flight donated to charity.